About Us

Welcome to Whiskey & Windknots, we are two passionate fly fisherman/outdoorsmen living in Southern Utah. This website is dedicated to sharing our adventures wherever they may take us, fishing and otherwise. Prepare yourselves for lots of fly fishing, fly tying, and shenanigans.

Meet The Trout Bums:

Bio Pic TimTim Sickles

A native Michigander, I moved to Utah in 2013.  I grew up chucking plastic to bass and pike and worms to panfish. I first picked up a fly rod and haven’t looked back, well I mean ripping bass on topwater is still a guilty pleasure but who’s asking.  When I was young, my dad would take me steelhead and salmon fishing on Great Lakes tribs and that’s when I got the bug to try fly fishing. My first rod was an 8 weight that I saved up for to use for salmon.  With a little persistence and a lot of dumb luck, the first fish I landed was a 25 pound King Salmon.

Since moving to Utah, I’ve gained a love for the western waters, catching my personal best in pretty much every species of trout.  Enjoy our nonsense and stories/pictures from some of our favorite locations around Southern Utah and beyond.



chet bioChet Dalton

I’m a native of a small town southern Utah who grew up nestled between some of the greatest mountains this side of the Mississippi.  Being a potato farmer and gopher trapper meant I was destined for  fishing stardom and fame.  Early on I honed my casting skills with the infamous Paiute Chief, John Eddy who ended up drown after a night of too much Bushmill’s whiskey and wild women.  After a seven year stint fighting Nazis  I decided it was time to settle down and get to fishin’   Do I tie flies? Yeah I do… Do I catch fish? Shit, yeah I do…  So sit back, relax, grab a beer and get drunk cause it’ll surely help you get through the ramblings of what this mind has to spew all over this blog.