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The Blue Tools – StreamWorks Review

I’ve been tying with some StreamWorks tools for about 6 months now and must say I am pleasantly surprised. Before receiving the StreamWorks tools I was skeptical because of their lower price point. In this review, I am going to highlight a couple of my favorite tools: the “Bead It Tool” and the Tungsten Carbide Arrow-Point Scissors.

First, when I got the Bead It Tool, it sat in the package for a while as I did not see the use for it…until I started tying midges in tiny size #20 and smaller. See, I’ve got what some people call sausage fingers, and they are not great for handling sub 2mm beads (my vacuum finds a handful every time I vacuum in my tying room). The Bead It Tool makes it easy for me to pick the bead I want out of the bin and holds it until I bead the hook. The great thing is that I can set the tool down and it will still hold the bead as the spring action keeps it closed as opposed to normal tweezers where the spring action keeps it open. And for eight bucks, it’s a solid purchase. It also has a great secondary function as a fly or hook holder if you want to prop one up for a picture or as an example while you’re tying.

Next, the Tungsten Carbide Arrow-point scissors are just plain awesome. I have several pair of far more expensive scissors, but the StreamWorks Arrow-points are my go-to when I am tying anything that I want to trim with precision. They have the finest point of any scissors on my desk so they work perfect for trimming wing cases on nymphs when I don’t want excess sticking out beyond the thread wraps or trimming individual hackle fibers when they go astray. They are small enough that they are easy to tie with in-hand and the little bump in the blades works great for cutting wire without feeling like you’re damaging the precision part of the blades. I would not recommend them for cutting thick clumps of hair or lots of streamer work, but if you are tying small nymphs and dries, I don’t think you can go wrong, especially for the price.

The Best Fly Tying Scissors - Tungsten Carbide Arrow Point

On top of the product quality and “bang for your buck,” StreamWorks customer service is fantastic and the company is run by some top-notch guys.

Link to Bead It Tool:

Link to Scissors:

Keep your eye out for future reviews, I have several StreamWorks products that I am still putting through the paces.

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