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Confessions of a Streamer Junkie

It has been way too long since we last posted an article, a recent move, work is crazy, blah, blah, blah….life has gotten in the way. Enough with the excuses.

I have had total writers block lately, so I figured I’d write about something that always seems to excite me and I always seem to have plenty to say about. Streamers. Big, small, one hook, two hooks, traditional, ridiculous…any kind of streamers.

I’ve found myself at the vise a lot lately, I’m not always tying streamers, but I am always striving to produce something unique, innovative, and fishy. When I get “tyer’s block,” I usually throw a big hook in the vice and just start wrapping. This is how I have developed some of my favorite and most effective meaty flies. I love tying nymphs and dry flies, but streamers to me are just plain addicting. There are new and exciting materials showing up on the market every day and tiers are really pushing the limits. Streamers give you the opportunity to be as creative as your hands allow. I’ve really started to push the limits on color combinations, mixing dubbing to add dimension to flies, and trying to use materials in different ways. The common goals with the majority of my streamers are: 1. Push a lot of water without a lot of bulk 2. Have a lot of movement 3. Look awesome.

I know there are a million different articles and opinions out there on how to fish streamers by people that know a lot more than myself, so I am going to stick with what I do know. The one piece of advice that I will echo is that if you want to catch a fish on a streamer, stay the course. Commit yourself to stripping/swinging streamers for an entire day/weekend/week/month. You may only catch a couple fish in a day, but the takes will be exciting and the fish generally aren’t small.  Keep a variety of streamers on hand; flashy and natural, dark and light, large and small, weighted and unweighted, a variety of profiles, and don’t be afraid to mix it up if you aren’t seeing results.

Here are a few of my favorites, some are my original creations, some from others.


Fly Fish Food inspired slider. Who doesn’t love Fire Tiger.


One of my favorite unweighted flies…light days mean light flies.


Crawfish Slider, keeping the hook point up keeps the snags to a minimum.






and more gills.


Tui Chub – It works.




Tan is always a safe bet.


Gray and Gold is a Killer Combo



2 Hooks, 2 Predator Shanks, Lots of Schlappen



The Cheech Leech – It’s tried and true.


Cheech Leech in Blue and Gray with a Bruiser Blend Head?


Articulated Belly Scratcher – Fly Fish Food inspired

If you’re interested in any of the flies on the site or have questions or comments, shoot me an email at




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